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EU9 - Prestigious Betting Site 2024: Online Casino,Sportsbook, Game Slot, Shooting Fish, CockfFghting.


Eubet officially changed its new look with the name EU9

In May 2022, EUBET, a multinational gaming company, will have a new look. The new name marks its growth and maturity in the field of card game entertainment. EUBET officially put on a new look, named EU9. EU9 possesses outstanding features and beautiful interface, promising to bring players the best experience. Let's take a look at some outstanding features of EUBETVN through the EU9 upgrade this May:

The official agent of the leading card game brands and bookmakers in Asia. A dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all customer questions and resolve issues.
EU9 is recognized as a legit bookmaker with PAGCOR and Gaming Curacao licenses, proving 100% safe for all players!
EU9 provides players with many payment gateways, from domestic and international bank transfers, e-wallets to virtual currencies.
Especially EU9 is optimized for SPEED (IN SPEED, WE TRUST | Super Fast Deposit - Top Reputation) great to provide the smoothest gaming experience on the betting market and the fastest exit time of only 60 second.
Introducing the leading bookmaker on betting, casino, numbers, lotteries, football bookmakers - EU9 | EUBET

The EU9 bookie, formerly EUBET, is one of the playgrounds that has appeared for a long time and has a good name in the Vietnamese market. Loved by many players as well as wanting to experience this attractive bookie. With the starting point is an online casino in Singapore. The professionalism and class of EU9 - EUBet is gradually being shown and attracting players. If you are looking for a bookie, an online casino with many unique games, EU9 is the place you should experience.

Overview of the EU9 bookie - EUBET

Currently EUBet | EU9 is a bookie licensed and regulated by PAGCOR and Gaming Curacao. Players are completely assured when using the products provided by the bookie. All the best products at the world's top casinos are offered at EUBet. With the epidemic increasing, many people want to experience different forms of betting to earn more income for themselves. Many domestic players want to find a unique and novel playground. Therefore, a prestigious playground like EUBet is ideal for players at the moment.

Attractive betting products at the bookie EU9

Coming to the bookie, you will enjoy a full range of betting products. From fiery matches with attractive bookie odds to attractive online casino tables. Players will not lack entertaining games at the bookie.

Betting on football - sports

Sports betting and typically football betting are always preferred by many people when it comes to entertainment. The EUBet bookie always brings the world's top tournaments, the most attractive bookie odds in the market along with a variety of bookie bets in every game.

  • In addition to betting on football, you can experience more types of betting such as Table Tennis, Racing, E-Sports, Virtual Sports ...
  • The main bets such as Asian, European, Over and under and many side markets, each match has its own attractive rafters.
  • Many of the world's top tournaments are deployed by the bookie, especially sports tournaments in Europe.

Online Casino in EU9 | EUBET

The bookie also has no shortage of products when you online casino EU9 EUBet. Players can enjoy all the card games and games from all the bookies around the world. Each betting room has different types of bets and limits to create convenience when betting.

  • Players can join betting rooms at the bookie such as Evolution, Sexy Baccarat, Dream Game, King 855, Ezugi, SAGaming, WMCasino.
  • The main games at the EU9 EUBET online card game are chosen by many people: Baccarat, Blackjack, Sicbo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger...
  • Diverse betting tables with bets from small to large to suit your finances. Players can gamble online with EUBet's unique betting tables.

Slot games at the bookie

At the bookie you can play a wide variety of slot games. Not only are the games that explode in Southeast Asia, but there are also many attractive spinning games around the world waiting for you to experience. The bookie's slot games always have a variety of themes and are flexible in the experience.

  • Players can participate with many topics such as action, mythology, animation… Currently EUBet has more than 150 different games.
  • The bookie is provided with spinning games from reputable places like SimplePlay. Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming…
  • In the slot game there are different reels for you to choose from. Beautiful, realistic graphics. The sound coordinates perfectly during play.
  • Rich prizes with many Jackpot gifts are waiting for players to discover. In which typical products such as Heroes, Santa Gifts, Spins Stone, Lucky Meow ...

Play online lottery 1 to 99 at EU9 - EUBET

Not only stopping at the football betting bookie or online casino, EUBET is also a reputable online casino, betting 1 to 99 is the bookie with the highest commission rate today, for unlimited deposits and withdrawals. term in Vietnam. With a simple and easy way to register for an online lottery account, it is easy to win many bets at EU9 - Eubet has experienced and enjoyed this subject. Before that, let's learn a little about the online lottery bookie to have an overview of this subject of gambling!

At this online lottery site, you can participate in many attractive games such as XS Keno, Singapore lottery, Thai lottery ... especially with the ratio of 1 to 99 - destroy all the current lotteries.
Eubet is a reputable online lottery site with a sophisticated interface that gives players the best experience.
The method of depositing and withdrawing money is fast, safe and absolutely confidential. Recharge via domestic and international bank transfer. Withdraw money directly to your bank account.
Other forms of entertainment

In addition to the main forms of entertainment, the bookie is also full of games that many people want to experience. These include the following products.

Shooting fish online is always an indispensable game for many players. You can join many betting tables, diverse fish species with rich bonus value. Players can use their skills to hunt fish.
The form of lottery 1 to 99 is also a product chosen by many people. Normally you play traditional lottery only 1 to 70 or at most 1 to 80. Here you bet 1,000 VND to win 99,000 VND.
The indispensable forms of entertainment such as XS Keno, Number game ... are waiting for you to discover.

Attractive features when coming to EU9 | EUBET

EU9 - EUBet features also ensure you an extremely comfortable experience throughout the use of the product.

Absolute security

For player information and betting information, EU9 - EUBET always ensures safety, absolutely does not trade player information with third parties. The bookie is using SSL security mode with regular upgrades, players can be assured of a long-term experience.

Complete payment system

Join the bookie and win the bet, you will be paid in full as well as the perfect deposit system to ensure the convenience of people.

You can use deposit methods from banks, intermediary transaction portals, etc. The bookie is committed to supporting all forms of online deposit and withdrawal for players.
Currently, EUBet is associated with many international banks such as ICBC, DBS, OCBC Bank, MayBank...
Payment time in minutes, convenient for users.

Many attractive promotions when experiencing

The promotion always fully meets all the requirements that players require. The main promotions at the bookie can be mentioned as follows.

  • First deposit promotions for new players.
  • Discounts for new members when completing account registration at the bookie.
  • Join betting with each offer for sports betting, casino, slot game.
  • Rebate programs according to the VIP level of players at the bookie.
  • In addition, EU9 EUBet also launches events on holidays, Tet, and your birthday.
  • 24/7 customer care support

EUBet customer care staff is always available 24/7. Make sure to answer any questions you need during the betting process. In addition, with professionally trained knowledge, players can refer to any problem related to the bookie. The basic contact forms of the bookie are online chat, Email, hotline number.

VIP customers at EU9 - EUBET

EU9 | EUBet also has a bookie VIP customer mode for players. Accordingly, when you become a VIP player, you will receive more promotions and incentives. Each VIP level has its own conditions and gifts waiting for you to enjoy. In addition, the VIP accounts at the bookie will have a separate customer care team for you.


The article has fully summarized the attractions that are available at EU9 - EUBet. Here, from normal players to VIP customers, they can fully experience all the features and products that the bookie brings. In addition, you also receive many attractive promotions that not all playgrounds appear. Wish you always good luck with the attractive bookie bets, diverse products that EU9 - EUBET brings.